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Seem too good to be true and wondering what the “catch” is?

Truthfully, there’s no catch at all! This is your chance to get a pre-sale copy of the entire “Jacked Tactics” training package. If you like it (I’m sure you will), you can send us a little testimonial but that’s all we ask. You’re not even obligated to do that either. By inputting your name and email into the form above, you’ll be getting the “Underground Muscle Gain Manual”, the “Bench Press Blueprint” and the “40 Days to Size and Strength” workout program. This program is no joke and the results people are getting prove it..

Just because this is free (for now), don’t be mistaken. This took a long time to develop and the package consists of some pretty detailed information.

You’ll also be receiving ongoing training tips (via email) from some of the most well respected trainers in the industry.

Here’s an overview of exactly what you’ll be getting…


The Underground Muscle Gain Manual

This book is insane! It’s not your typical “eat eggs”, “do 3 sets of 10” and “drink your protein shakes” nonsense. This is a VERY detailed training manual. Read this from start to finish and your training knowledge will leave people amazed. That’s right, you’ll be THAT guy at the gym who “knows it all” and you’ll be able to school people on all sorts of training topics. But most importantly, if you implement these techniques, the potential results will be incredible.

Wondering what sort of topics are discussed in the book that makes it so special? Well, here’s a breakdown of each of the chapters..

Chapter 1: Training Variations

If you want to stack on mass, variation (and volume) are the keys. You have to constantly be switching things up and keeping your body guessing. If you don’t provide a unique stimulus, your body will have nothing to adapt too. This section profiles 19 different loading methods. Just to name a few..

  • Intra-Rep Drop Sets
  • Pre-Exhaustion Supersets
  • Iso-Dynamic Repetitions
  • Functional Isometrics
  • Cluster Sets

The list goes on and on. These techniques sound a little vague and complicated, don’t even worry about it – the book lays everything out for you. With all these different loading parameters at your disposal, switching up your workouts and applying the principal of “progressive overload” will be easy.

Chapter 2: Hormonal Manipulation

It’s no secret that certain hormones are favourable when it comes to gaining muscle. Heck, that’s why people use anabolic steroids. Well, these hormones – testosterone, GH etc. – can actually be manipulated through your training. By employing certain loading techniques, you’ll actually be able to manipulate these hormones and trigger an increase in both testosterone AND growth hormone. This section explains exactly how to do so.

Chapter 3: Bodybuilding Nutrition (Nutrient Timing)

In terms of bodybuilding nutrition, I’m sure you’ve heard the basics – eat a lot of protein, vegetables low glycemic carbohydrates and healthy, unsaturated fats. Well, rather than focus on what to eat, this section of the book focuses on when to eat it. This really is a must read! You’ll learn what to eat before you train, what to drink WHILE you train (99% of the other guys in the gym don’t know about this), what to consume after you train, what to eat throughout the day and what you should have right before you go to sleep. Like I already mentioned, the information in this chapter is extremely valuable!

Chapter 4: Genetics and Training for your Body Type

We’re all different. We have different frames and different muscle fiber type distributions. This section explains these differences in great detail and shows you how to train specifically for your body type. You’ll learn how to determine your own muscle fiber type distribution and then implement the appropriate rep-ranges to get the most out of your workouts. You’ll also learn about muscle insertion points and how to overcome your genetic weaknesses. This is truly amazing information that surprisingly, most people aren’t aware of.

40 Days To Size And Strength

40 Days To Size And Strength

The Workout Program

Description: Spanning over a 40 day period, this program was designed to deliver improvements in both strength and size. It accomplishes these goals through the utilization of some of the most effective training methods such as drop sets, iso-dynamics and timed T.U.T. The loading and training volume gradually progress from cycle to cycle. The strength and hypertrophy (size) phases are separated and there are enough rest days to recuperate and prevent overtraining. There are 4 training cycles, each lasting 10 days. Each cycle picks up from where the last left off and the loading parameters are periodized to ensure constant progress.

Demonstrated Results: This program is as good as it gets when it comes to delivering results. There’s not many programs out there that rival this one. If you stick it, as it don’t miss any of the workouts, perform all the sets, use the appropriate loads and monitor your rest intervals, you can some pretty impressive strength improvements as well as gains in lean mass. It’s tricky to predict an exact amount of mass gain simply because there are many other factors beyond just a workout that influence your gains. Nutrition is one of these factors. However, providing your nutrition is in check and you’re consuming enough calories in relation to your metabolism, you can expect to put on approx. 4-7lbs of lean mass throughout the 40 days. In many cases, our test subjects gained even more. The best thing to do is get started and experience the program for yourself.

Bench Press Blueprint

As if the book and the workout program weren’t enough. We’re also giving you a blueprint on how to maximize your bench pressing efforts. The bench press – as I’m sure you’re aware – is one of the most popular and respected exercises and a “strong bench” gets you instant credibility at the gym. All us guys want to increase the amount we can bench and this manual is the solution.

Once you receive the “bench press blueprint”, you’ll find all sorts of awesome tips that about 99 percent of people in the gym don’t even know about. Some of these tips will INSTANTLY increase the amount you’re able to lift. By implementing just a few of these techniques, you can increase your lifts by about 10% literally overnight!

To get this entire package, just go ahead and input your name and email into the form below and it will be delivered to your inbox within a matter of minutes


Input your name and email into the form on the right to get a free copy of the entire Jacked Tactics package delivered directly to your email

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