Front Dumbbell Raises

About Front Dumbbell Raises

In most cases, isolating the front of the shoulders (anterior deltoids) isn’t necessary due to the fact they’re recruited and strengthened every time a pressing movement is performed for the chest. With that being said, if rehabilitation is your goal or your anterior deltoids are stubborn and require specific isolation, then front dumbbell raises make for a great additon to your routine. Front dumbbell raises are quite similar to the lateral raise, only instead of raising your arms laterally (to the sides), you raise them straight out to the front while holding a weight.


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How To Do Front Dumbbell Raises

  1. Stand in an erect position with an appropriately weighted dumbbell in each hand.
  2. Exhale and with palm facing the ground, elevate your arm to the front, halting movement once dumbbell reaches shoulder height. It is important to keep a slight bend in the elbow throughout the movement to alleviate joint stress.
  3. Inhale and lower back down at a controlled speed. You want to stop the downward descent just shy of the thigh in order to keep constant resistance on the shoulder and prevent any rest the muscles will get during the set.
  4. Repeat until the desired number of repetitions are completed.

Front dumbbell raises can be done with both arms simultaneously until fatigue sets in. Once this happens, alternate repetitions between arms. This will give each arm a slightly longer rest period and allow a few more repetitions to be completed.

Performing front dumbbell raises with your hands in a thumb-up position rather than pointing your palms down will place slightly more stress on the anterior deltoid and draw recruitment from the biceps to hold the elbow in a slightly bent position.

Front dumbbell raises work extremely well when performed before a close grip overhead plate press in a superset. Performing the plate press immediately after the frontal raise will allow you to take the anterior deltoids to a further level of muscle fatigue.

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