Overhead Plate Press

About The Overhead Plate Press

As mentioned in the shoulder article, the frontal aspect of the shoulder (anterior deltoids) typically require minimal additional training due to their involvement in pressing movements such as the bench press. In most cases, additional isolation training commonly contributes to over-training. However, if placed appropriately within a professionally designed training regimen, the narrow grip plate press may be a possible solution for those who have difficulty attaining decent shoulder development. While super-setting for the shoulders (performing two consecutive exercises with no rest in between), the narrow grip plate press is a great finisher when complemented by front dumbbell raises. Performing the front raises prior to the plate press will isolate and pre-exhaust the front of the shoulder,. From there, moving into the plate press will draw recruitment from the triceps and take the muscles to a further degree of muscular fatigue.

Overhead Plate Press Video

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How To Execute The Overhead Plate Press Exercise

  1. Grasp the sides of an appropriately weighted barbell, take a step back with one leg for increased stability and position weight at chin level with elbows in front of you.
  2. Exhale, extend arms and drive the weight overhead – stopping short of full extension. Not fully extending your arms keeps the resistance on the targeted muscles.
  3. Inhale and slowly lower back down to original starting position.

Plate Press Variations

The exercise can also be performed by using dumbbells with a neutral grip (thumbs towards you). This may be particularly effective when a increase in weight beyond 45lbs is necessary.

If for whatever reason, stability is a problem, the movement can also be simplified by sitting on an upright bench throughout execution.

Repeat until the desired number of repetitions are completed.

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