Shoulder Press Machine

About The Shoulder Press Machine

The seated shoulder press machine has become somewhat of a staple within fitness facilities. Along with the majority of circuit equipment, the shoulder press machine is an ideal selection for beginners. The pre-determined movement path allows the primary focus to be on the muscle contraction rather than trying to stabilize a complex movement. Overhead pressing movements are the best way to add lean mass to the shoulders.

Shoulder Press Machine Video

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How To Use The Shoulder Press Machine

  1. Adjust the seat to your desired level.
  2. Grasp handles with a hand placement that allows for wrist-to-elbow alignment.
  3. Exhale and drive the handles overhead to a position just shy of full elbow extension.
  4. Inhale and lower down at a controlled speed until the arms reach a 90 degree angle.
  5. Repeat until the desired number of repetitions are completed.
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